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OmniTRANS Product Overview

A New Dimension in Transport Modelling

OmniTRANS offers a modern integrated development platform for transport modelling specifically designed to support multiple scenarios, modes and modelling techniques. It promotes the notion that a transport model is a project which must be accessible not only to modellers but also to non-technical decision makers. It manages projects, scenarios, processing and associated data in a consistent manner, making the development of models cost-efficient and the analysis of model results straightforward.


OmniTRANS is a truly multi-modal multi-temporal system particularly suited to model the interactions of transport modes in an urban context. It caters for both aggregate and disaggregate demand modelling methods and clearly separates the concepts of ‘static’ and ‘dynamic’ assignment focusing on the advantages of each paradigm while ensuring an easy transition between the two. The dynamic assignment (DTA) algorithm uses a proven methodology and models explicitly the interaction between junctions, blocking back and the downstream effects of queues.


The public transport assignment algorithm based on mode chains is versatile and comprehensive, allowing the modelling of complex schemes such as park-and-ride, kiss-and-ride and bike-and-ride. In the highway assignment algorithm the  multi-modal junction modelling engine, with its rich interfaces to define the geometric layout and signal plans of intersections, is far-reaching and supports multiple time configurations.


The concept of ‘dimensions’ ensures correct data storage and allows for easy collaboration between multiple users. The powerful modelling classes, visualisation tools and the integrated Ruby open source scripting language allow both planners and technical modellers to use the software. Innovations in transport research can easily be embedded in the model environment by creating specialised modelling classes. A wide range of data exchange mechanisms allow to facilitate the transfer of data from and to other industry formats.

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To find out more about the concepts of the OmniTRANS transport planning software, click on the following link.

 Design concepts


OmniTRANS is built up from a range of software packs. Each pack offers a set of features. To find out more about the packs and the features, use the following links.

 Modelling packs

 Feature list


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