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Open Source Object-Oriented Scripting Language and Expandable Modelling

OmniTRANS offers a set of specialist classes that extends the Ruby open source object-oriented programming language leading to an ingenious and straightforward transport modelling programming environment. The OmniTRANS classes cover algorithmic processes, access to the data structures, database operations, data exchange mechanisms, matrix and vector management, analysis, and charting.  All network infrastructure, demand data, models and charts are object classes providing easy-to-assemble components.


This is a powerful concept allowing one to develop innovative transport models of any scope and style using the combination of the specialist OmniTRANS Classes, the native Ruby programming language, the Ruby language extensions and any other classes developed by the community. It also implies




  • an elegant syntax that is both natural to read and easy to write
  • a strong adherence to the principles of object-oriented design
  • ease-of-maintenance and model expansion
  • access to latest technical advances
  • multithreading and parallel computing support
  • access to a living and enthusiastic Ruby community, several Ruby language extensions and dynamic link libraries.


Whatever the modelling techniques or algorithms of the future, OmniTRANS is positioned to integrate it.