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StreamLine: The Dynamic Traffic Assignment framework of the future


Dynamic Traffic Assignment (DTA) is a hot topic in the world of today’s traffic modelling. New approaches to the subject  appear on a regular basis, and numerous attempts have been made to convert these theories to practice. The resulting software solutions are mostly specific to certain problems such as:

  • Route choice effects;
  • Road Pricing and Toll Studies;
  • Traffic Management;
  • Blocking back effects;
  • Departure time choices.


StreamLine will impress you with a versatility currently unmatched by any other software package as it

is the only framework which is capable of integrating these solutions in a single software suite.


Generic Solution

StreamLine is a framework using standalone building blocks to achieve a robust and yet computationally fast DTA experience. Each building block can be individually tuned and even replaced by a different one if the situation requires it. Some of the key  building blocks of StreamLine:

  • Macroscopic traffic propagation model (MaDAM);
  • Dynamic Route Choice;
  • Versatile Route
    cost calculation;
    • Generalized cost based on various pluggable cost components such as travel time, distance, toll etc.;
  • Configurable (alternative) Route generation including filtering on viable alternatives;
  • Unique disk friendly route storage;
    • reducing required disk space by a factor 16 compared to uncompressed route route storage;
  • Applying propagation;
    • Turn proportion based;
    • Route based;
  • Dynamic Traffic Management via traffic controls is embedded in the framework;
    • Ramp metering;
    • Flow limitation;
    • Dynamic lane configuration;
    • DRIPS.


Parking guidance system  Dynamic route information panel

As one can see MaDAM is only a small part of the new framework. StreamLine will be extended with other propagation models in the future, so you can choose the model to you need, while keeping all other features in place.


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