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Transport Studies

As developer of the innovative transport planning software suite OmniTRANS we are by far the most experienced user of the product. We can offer this experience as a service when assisting in OmniTRANS related projects or perform the transport planning projects ourselves. It just depends on your situation.


OmniTRANS expertise

We develop the innovative transport planning software environment OmniTRANS and therefore are by far the most experienced user of the product. As a service we can offer clients project support. This support can be assisting in OmniTRANS related projects or perform transport planning projects ourselves. As a service we are able to take over part of the your project providing the knowledge required to obtain a solid solution to your client. Possibilities are:

    • On-project training. In this case we provide additional and specialised training on-site training your project members to the required level. Read more about our Training
    • Project set-up and build. Starting, building and filling a traffic model can be a difficult task where possibly many data sources have to merged into a solid project. We can perform this task for you, so you can start your work with a valid OmniTRANS project. Also, we can train your project members who to operate the project.
    • Development of specialised software or plug-ins. When you are missing a particular feature in OmniTRANS or want to use other software, we can develop a tool specialised for your wishes. Read more about our Custom Made Software.


    Process support during entire product lifecycle

    We offer support to a software project from the cradle to the cradle. This means that our team can be asked for support during all project lifecycle stages:

    • Business case analyses. A project usually starts with an innovative idea and based on this idea the next question is usually: is it feasible? A business case is a way of researching the feasibility of a product. We can support you during this project stage based on our experiences.
    • Investigation of requirements. Once a project is initiated, it has to become clear what requirements are a wish, desire or mandatory. Our experience in software development and knowledge of traffic engineering ensures that this stage will result in a complete set of requirements.
    • Development of products. This project stage is the development stage where the products as specified are developed. As software developer we can provide all support during this stage. Read more about our Custom Made Software.
    • Testing of products. New products have to be reviewed and tested before set into action. A common approach is unit testing modules and performing a peer review where an external party verifies the products. We can support a client in this stage as an independent, third party peer.
    • Evaluation of products. Once a product has been released and is being used, an evaluation of the product (and process) is the next stage in the product’s life. We can provide knowledge and experience about evaluating the quality of products and the finding of end users.
    • Maintenance. The final stage of a project is the maintenance stage. In this stage the product is finished, reviewed and being used. We can adopt the product and maintain the product’s source code and documentation.