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Custom Made Software

Creating innovative software solutions has always been one of our core business. We put this into practice in the development of OmniTRANS and offer this as a service to customers to create tailored solutions. Custom made software within Omnitrans International is based on two solid principles, i) a pool of experts and ii) a solid set of development techniques.


Pool of experts

We offer a pool of experts that are able to find the solution to your problem. Our expertise focuses on:

  • Computer sciences. Computer science is the key in software development. Our experts are all graduated in computer sciences and know how to approach, design and develop software products. This ensures a solid development, resulting in a sound product.

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  • Mathematics. The mathematicians in our pool of experts are able to discuss at a mathematical level. Their knowledge enables them to convert mathematical theory to practice.
  • Traffic engineering. Of course traffic engineering experts are essential in the development of custom made software targeted at traffic problems. They speak the language of traffic consultants and are able to convert requests into requirements.

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Depending on the challenges and opportunities in your project, we form a multi disciplinary project team targeted at the specific issues, wishes and request in a project. This ensures that the right knowledge is put into action at the right time.


Development techniques

Several development techniques can be put into action for developing custom made software. Again the set of techniques required in a project depends completely on the problem to be solved. A summary if presented here:

  • Knowledge of various programming languages to suit specific needs:

* C, C++, C#

* Ruby

* Any other computing languages depending on performance requirements

  • OmniTRANS plug-in development

* Specific additions to the OmniTRANS environment, for example the BOSS off-line plug-in and the RBV plug-in.

  • Knowledge of dealing with large datasets within limited memory conditions

* High performance computing

* Multi-core processing

* Utilising processor characteristics to optimise performance